Leasing is the most popular way to acquire new technology and keep your office up to date. A copier lease requires a commitment to a certain length of term. The most common are 36, 48, and 60 month leases. Leasing is a cost effective strategy to acquire office equipment without tying up capital needed elsewhere.

Copier & Printer Leasing

Copier and printer leasing is also more flexible and allows equipment to be upgraded when needs change. If your office printer lease is 40 months into a 60 month agreement and you just learned that your office printer needs to have 11” x 17” paper handling and the volume is doubling…your office printer lease can make that early upgrade possible without a big jump in cost.

Customer Support

Maybe you’re just not getting the customer service you expect or your current copy machine is breaking down too frequently. Let us show how we’ve helped offices throughout the Portland and Vancouver area get out of existing leases and upgrade to better equipment.

Best Services

Leasing often includes the equipment and service, giving the lessee predictable monthly printing expenses. Many offices find the best part of printer leasing means getting a new machine every few years. This helps any office keep up with constant changes in computer operating systems and security protocol.