Looking for a new color copier? Or multi-function printer that tracks usage? You’ve come to the right place. Imperial specializes in all things documents, document output, and the hardware and software that makes it happen.

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Difference between a Copier and Printer

What’s the difference between a copier and printer you say? All digital copiers make a scan and then print the scanned image. That process is what traditionally has been called a “copy.” A printer is technically a single function device that only prints. In many office environments, copying has slowed and printing and scanning has increased. Thus, many folks refer to their copier as a printer. Another popular term is MFP, short for multi-function peripheral. Often thought as a multi-function “printer”, which is another term used in the copier industry. Regardless what it’s called, we sell, service, and are your local experts when it comes to copiers, printers, scanners, and MFPs!


New, refurbished, color, B&W, desktop, high volume…just some of the many choices we offer. Our wide variety of printers and copiers will meet the various demands of any size workgroup.

Imperial is also proud to sell Canon’s full line of wide format printers/ plotters, and output management software.